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Music I listen to

Machine Head, The Black Dahlia Murder, Between The Buried And Me, Oh, Sleeper, Pelican, Faith No More, The Red Chord, Type O Negative, Dark Tranquility, etc... and especially tons of 80's pop when I've been drinking heavily.

Books that moved me

Bret Easton Ellis, Palahniuk, Brian Lumley "Necroscope" series, Richard Laymon, Edward Lee, David Wellington, Clive Barker, Sarah Langan, Bentley Little, Warren Ellis "Crooked little Vein", Steve Niles "The Complete Cal McDonald"... I read a ton of books, comics and graphic novels and anything and everything I can steal from my local mega-retailer.

Movies I like

My first movie memory is "A Nightmare On Elm Street" It's all I remember as a kid. A life defining experience! My favorite horror film is Phantasm, followed by Phantasm 2.

The rest is as follows; From Beyond, Re-Animator, The Thing, Fright Night, HUGE TOM ATKINS FAN! --- Night Of The Creeps "Thrill Me!" The Fog, plus his other roles... Brainscan, R.O.T.L.D., Tales From The Crypt series, Dog Soldiers, The Howling, Demons, Dario Argento stuff... The 'Burbs.
+ hundreds more.

Anything we can get together and have beers over and party to...
(you bring the whiskey I'll provide the barf bags.)

Interesting facts about me

I am one of the original Horror Drunx members. I used to constantly stay up late getting drunk all night and harrassing Mortimer for Horror Drunx buttons and about horror trivia. Little did I know, years later being a horror loving freak would get me to where I am now in life. Thanks in part to The Horror Drunk and Mort-daddy, and my cosmic sense of awesomeness.  

My recent posts

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    Heyyy! I am still lurking here and there. Been swamped with work and other activities. How are yew?

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    Hi! *waves*

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    Reply from The Demon:

    Hey where ya been my dear horror drunx pal? ::waves at yewww::